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  ►  Dr Aditya Sudhalkar receives the prestigious Kreissig Travel Grant for the EURETINA conference to be held in Nice, France in 2015  ►  Our analysis shows that radial buckle surgery using two or more radial segements is still a valid option for the treatment of rhegmatogenous retinal detachment   ►  Idiopathic choroidal neovascularization in young patients is amenable to treatment with anti-VEGF agents, especially ranibizumab  ►  Polypill therapy is effective in the treatment of recalcitrant diabetic macular edema.   ►  Retinal circulation does not appear to play an important role in the pathogenesis of disorders that are strictly retinal and/or choroidal in origin   ►  Indian patients with Age Related Macular Degeneration(AMD) tend to present later than in Western Countries, reflecting social, economic and cultural differences between India and the West  ►  Dr. Aditya Sudhalkar successfully conducts a teaching course at the ESASO Retina Academy Meet 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Welcome to Eye Hospital & Retina Centre

Comprehensive Eye Care Since 1950

The late Professor Emeritus Dr. Mukund Sudhalkar founded the hospital in the year 1950. The hospital has strived, since its inception, towards providing scientifically sound solutions for eye diseases with compassion and without compromise on quality.

The hospital has kept pace with the exponential advances in the field of ophthalmology(the science of eye disease and its management). It offers its patients a whole host of services in tune with international guidelines on the management of disorders of the eye.

Our sojourn through time has been a fascinating one. Cataract is the most well known and the first amongst eye diseases, and up until recently, was considered by many as the only eye disease with a satisfactory outcome. From the era of 'intra-capsular cataract surgery', a procedure that required minimal instrumentation and left the patient with thick glasses, ophthalmology has evolved into a highly sophisticated discipline that is heavily dependent on technology for comprehensive analysis and delivery of care. A wide variety of ophthalmic disorders (eye diseases) in all ocular sub-specialties can now be managed satisfactorily with good outcomes thanks to these advances.

We, at the Eye Hospital and Retina Centre, Baroda, are pleased to offer our vast experience in comprehensive eye care(gained over six decades of uninterrupted services)to our patients. We also take pride in offering our patients the same exacting standards of excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders as are considered appropriate and valid globally.

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